Nate Agostini, athletic director at Horizon Community Learning Center (HCLC) in Ahwatukee, has been named 2A Athletic Director of the Year by the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

Agostini has been working at the local charter school for 14 years, first teaching at middle school, and is currently in his fifth year as the school’s athletic director.

He first heard about being awarded 2A Athletic Director of the Year during a luncheon a few weeks ago in Prescott.

Within the 2A conference there are five regions where each region selects an athletic director who has been going above and beyond the criteria fitting for the job, which go on a ballot to be decided who wins the award.

Agostini has always been a part of the athletic programs at HCLC, coaching varsity girls volleyball and boys basketball.

Being an athletic director has always been a goal for Agostini, dating back to when he was getting his degree in education.

He says the job title is a perfect fit for him — being his dream job — and wishes to keep his position until he retires.

Agostini has humbled himself receiving the award never seeking attention, just completing his job to the best of his abilities.

“It’s always nice to be recognized and it’s certainly a nice honor, but I always just want to keep it about the kids,” Agostini said. “It’s one of those things that it’s nice to be recognized among your peers, but the bottom line is there are so many good athletic directors, and there are others that are just as deserving. There are a lot of good people that I work with.”

Melissa Hartley, director of community relations at HCLC, says the interesting notion of Agostini’s job is it is not a traditional day job, where he sometimes stays at the school until 10 p.m., or until the last person has left the school grounds.

“It’s a very huge responsibility and if you don’t eat and breathe sports and the kids then you’re going to hate your job,” Hartley said. “And Nate really does love it.”

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