Mountain Pointe's Chapin Gray (11) passes a serve during the Volleyball game between Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at Desert Vista High School.

[Billy Hardiman/Special to Tribune]

The Mountain Pointe girls volleyball team dug deep Thursday night for a five-set win against the Horizon Huskies.

The Pride prevailed 17-25, 27-29, 25-14, 25-23, 15-11 after losing the first two sets at Horizon.

In the first game the Huskies (0-2) were in control, but at the start of game two, the teams went head to head in a back and forth fight for the finish. Intensity and excitement boiled throughout the gymnasium, as the game was at a tie of 25-25, until the Huskies scratched out with a 29-27 win.

That was the end of winning for the Huskies, because the Pride (2-0) took the Huskies all the way to game 5 and came out on top beating the Huskies 15-11 in the fifth set.

“We just realized we need to play together if we want to win,” senior Nura Muhammad said.

The Pride had to make made some adjustments after falling behind 0-2 on the road.

“We were just tentative I thought in the first two games, the light wasn’t on yet,” Pride coach Karen Gray said. “Then we got fired up and we got it rolling.”

These two teams both played a great game of volleyball and the win could’ve easily gone to the Huskies. Even Gray said they were lucky with this win, because both teams were equally good.

Luck wasn’t the only thing that got Mountain Pointe this win; it was being a team.

“I think being energetic and supporting each other when we made mistakes,” senior Chapin Gray said.

• Pope is a sports journalism student at Arizona State.

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