Football: Tukee Bowl MP vs. DV

Linebacker Rashie Hodge #7 of Mountain Pointe runs the ball for a touchdown during the second half of the 20th annual Tukee Bowl high school football game between Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe at Mountain Pointe High School on Friday, September 30, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Little brothers are supposed to be held off at a distance with a hand on their forehead, just close enough to strike but not close enough to do any damage.

That is almost exactly how the 27- 13 victory for Mountain Pointe played out as it sent Desert Vista back home without a victory in the 20th Annual Ahwatukee Bowl for the fifth straight year.

It wasn’t pretty for the Pride, but it was gritty. The top-ranked team in the state consistently won the battles in the trenches Friday night, and it was the glaring reason Mountain Pointe (6-0) avoided an upset.

“They came out intense, but we matched their intensity. We were getting to the second level and getting backers moved which allowed us to instead of getting 5-yard gains, get 30 (yard gains),” Mountain Pointe senior center Justice Hudson said.

The Mountain Pointe’s O-line got to Desert Vista’s second level early and often. Leading to senior running back Antwaun Woodberry being sprung for a 70-yard rushing touchdown less than 1:10 into the game.

The Pride O-line set the tone, blocking their way to over 100-yards rushing just six plays into the game, and finished with a total of 271-yards on 28 total carries and three rushing touchdown.

Little brothers tend to cause drama though.

With the score 20-13, and 2:53 left in the third quarter, Desert Vista (2-4) stopped a Mountain Pointe drive in its tracks, and forced a punt.

The momentum belonged to the Thunder as they marched the ball off their own 3-yard line. And as time expire in the third quarter a game tying drive seemed attainable. Seemed.

Desert Vista blew its chances by throwing interception on the first play of the fourth quarter, and the momentum slipped away. Mountain Pointe dialed up the exact coverage needed for junior defensive back Donte Lindsey to do work.

“We went over that play a lot in practice. We knew it was coming. I saw the tight end come over on a corner route, and I jumped it,” Lindsey said.

That interception lead to the O-line dominating again, allowing Rashie Hodge to score a 29-yard game-sealing touchdown three plays later.

Proving to the rest of Arizona that Mountain Pointe (395 total yards) doesn’t have to be perfect to get a victory when its front seven plays like they did on Friday night.

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