The discussions in the weekly coaches’ meeting became increasingly more heated by the week.

All over a kid who would do anything asked of him.

It’s what makes Garrison Schwartz so special. His willingness, and ability to come through, to do just about anything needed.

“He played linebacker backer and D-Line for us,” Desert Vista football coach Dan Hinds said. “We had the coaches fighting for him because they knew he’d play his heart out and play with intelligence. He might get beat or blocked, but it wasn’t because he was out of place or made a mistake.”

The recent Desert Vista graduate also was a starter on the offensive line and the place kicker along with being one of the top hitters for the Thunder baseball team.

Schwartz, who will continue his baseball career at Grand Canyon University, was named the AFN’s Senior Male Athlete of the Year for shining in two sports, maintaining a high academic standard, while being unselfish and respectful of the game.

Here is one last look at:

Garrison Schwartz

Full name: Gary Thomas Schwartz II

Date of birth: Jan. 22, 1996

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 195

GPA: 4.3

Family members: Mother, Lisa Schwartz; father, Gary Schwartz; brother, Luke Schwartz; sister, Erika Schwartz.

Car: Jeep Gang for Life

Hobbies: Playing pickup basketball and working out.

Favorite TV show(s): “Prison Break,” “Lost,” “Workaholics.”

Favorite movies: “Friday Night Lights,” “Blind Side,” “Defiance.”

Favorite actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite song: “Semi Charmed Life,” by Third Eye Blind

Favorite book: “The Poured Fire on us from the Sky,” by Alephonsion Deng, Benson Deng and Benjamin Ajak.

Favorite number: 7

Worst advice you ever received: That I should only stick to one sport year-round, but I love playing both baseball and football, so I chose to split the year between both sports and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Best advice: Early in my high school career I was small and lacked athletic ability, and someone told me that if I have a big heart now and unlimited determination, then it would pay off. As I grew and got stronger, I remembered this advice and kept the same heart and determination in everything I did.

The thing I like most about sports: I just love to compete. Anytime I can compete against either a friend, stranger, or enemy I love being able to challenge someone or be challenged. Yes, I love to win, but I love working for a win and fighting from behind.

What I dislike most about sports: I dislike the heartache that comes at the end of a game that you put all your marbles in to. It will always be something I hate about sports, but it does not hold me back from getting better and moving on to the next game.

Who would play you in a movie: I would play a character like Allen in “The Hangover,” who says random things that would make someone laugh.

What is one of your favorite quote(s): “It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.”

Who do people say you look like: I’ve heard from some people that it is Matthew Stafford.

What chore do you absolutely hate doing: I hate cleaning up the dog poop.

If there is one thing you could change about your high school years what would you do different: Yeah, I could say that I would want to change a moment in a game here or there, but things happen for a reason. I love the people that I have met and the lessons that I have learned. I wouldn’t change anything because things happen for a reason.

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be: I would want to witness a Super Bowl in the future that the Arizona Cardinals will one day be a part of.

What would you name the autobiography of your life: Keep Moving Forward.

What story does your family always tell about you: My family always tells me the story of when I broke my brother’s leg when I was 3 and he was 1. He was going down a slide and I flipped the slide and sent him airborne. I still feel bad for that even though I don’t remember.

What is your favorite smell: The smell of a new car.

Last dream you remember: The last dream I remember was when I had a morning practice and I was dreaming about being late, which was a nightmare.

What I will remember most about high school: I will remember all of the games that my teams came back and won. I will remember all of the nights I spent with my friends. I will remember my parents being at almost every game supporting me. And I will remember my senior year of going to basketball games.

If you won the lottery what are the first three things you would do: Buy a lifted Jeep Wrangler, I would put half to savings and invest the other half.

Describe your perfect day and who (if anyone) would you spend it with (doing what): The perfect day would start at 10 a.m. Waking up slow and eating some French toast. Spend the day with my family either watching TV or hanging around the pool. Then I would go eat at Raising Canes with some friends and hang out with the best senior class in history. #14deep

Where will you be in 10 years: In 10 years I see myself a newlywed with a kid on the way. I will be working for a company climbing up the ladder to where I want to be. I will be living a comfortable life and ready to settle down.

Where will you be in 20 years: In 20 years I will be in a high position in either my own company or another one and I will have three kids and a wife. At this point I hope to be coaching my kids and teaching them lessons about the game that were given to me.

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