It started out as a lark, but Kevin Kadisak turned the shenanigans into an asset.

When Kadisak started playing soccer as a youngster he was delegated to the goal keeper spot.

“It was meant to be a joke because I was small,” Kadisak said. “But I got to like it.”

The Mountain Pointe junior has been a goalie ever since.

“It’s a different position from anything else out there,” he said.

Kadisak has attended soccer camps to hone his skills, but his hands-on experience in high school came when he started for the Pride as a sophomore last season.

His strong leg and experience in handling a ball also earned him a spot last fall as a back-up place kicker for the Pride football team.

When the Pride went three games deep into the state 5A-I playoffs, Kadisak was spending time with both teams.

“Going from football to soccer started off a little rocky,” he said, “but everything went pretty smooth, and it’s a lot easier now that football has ended and soccer started.

Kadisak has been working with former Pride goalie Kyle Pearsall for the past two seasons.

“He’s doing really well,” said Pearsall, who is also a goalie for Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. “He made a lot of saves as a sophomore. Confidence comes with experience, and the more games you play and the more saves you make the more confident you are that you’re going to make those saves.”

Kadisak has grown out of that runt role into a 6-foot, 175-pound block of granite who can be agile in the net.

“He’s big, aggressive and certainly not slow,” Pearsall said. “And by playing football he’s used to being hit. He’s been awesome compared to last year.”

Kadisak considers himself a soccer player who plays football. As a back-up kicker to Jon Mora he didn’t always have a lot to do on Friday nights.

There also have been some soccer games this season where the Pride defense has played well enough that Kadisak hardly worked up a sweat.

“I feel bad because some games we give him nothing to do in the back, which is good,” said Mountain Pointe coach Bryan Sabato

“Then there are other games where we give him too much to do,” Sabato added. “With goal keepers the more confident they become the higher level they tend to play.”

Kadisak has been averaging a little more than a goal a game and has made 22 saves this season.

He also has been without help in the back this season from defender Ryan Leach, who has been injured.

“Like any other player,” Sabato said, “he has things to work on and improve, but that will come.”

And these days, no one is laughing when Kadisak takes his position in the net.

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