For the Mountain Pointe baseball program the holiday season means getting in the spirit by giving back to the community.

The Pride comes together this time of the year to accomplish their annual tradition of adopting a family for Christmas.

Linda Cron, whose son CJ played for Mountain Pointe and graduated in 2008, approached the coach about six years ago with the idea to adopt a family as a team.

"I really enjoy doing stuff like this and being able to help out our community," Linda said.

Her son, Kevin, is a senior varsity player and the tradition lives on.

"Each year it gets bigger and bigger, and this year we decided to adopt four families," Mountain Pointe coach Brandon Buck said.

Each of the four families face different struggles, however, they all have one wish - to have a true Christmas.

There are about 60 players in the program this year and they worked hard to do their best in an attempt to make it happen.

Each of the players was responsible for getting two gifts together for the families, such as toys, clothes, and hygiene products.

Before they could deliver the gifts they had to wrap. And that's when the players' competitive juices kicked in.

They met at Native New Yorker in Ahwatukee Foothills where they spent time wrapping the gifts, but had to be careful not to get chicken wing sauce on them.

Plus they made a competition out of it.

"We like to make it fun for the boys too, so at the very end we give out awards such as nicest gift and best wrapped," Buck explained.

Even though awards were given for gifts and wrapping, the real prize was in the act of delivering the gifts to the four families.

For the boys, knowing that their gifts were delivered to each of the families and will be opened Christmas morning makes them appreciate the holiday season that much more, Linda Cron said.

"When we deliver the gifts some of the boys come with us and for them to see how grateful the families are is such a life changing experience for them. It really does make them appreciate what they have and the holiday season," Linda Cron said.

Kimberly Haug is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a senior at Arizona State University.

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