It’s customary for wrestling tournament directors to ask the finalists to fill out a bio before the championship round to provide background information when they are introduced.

Some take it seriously by just listing their accomplishments, including their grade-point average, some take the time to say they love their mom, while others list the fact that they are single for all of the ladies in the house.

The bio for Chad Porter was a little more succinct.

The sheet for Desert Vista freshman before the Moon Valley Invitational on Saturday listed just his record and nothing else.

It simply read: 11-0.

By the end of the night he added a loss to it after falling 13-3 in the 170-pound finals to Sandra Day O’Connor senior Jon Turk, but it is clear if Porter keeps wrestling the way he did at Moon Valley, his bio is going to have a lot more accomplishments to list.

“It’s was good weekend for him,” Thunder coach David Gonzalez said. “He lost his aggressiveness a little bit in the championship match, but he showed he is ready to compete at a high level.”

The Thunder had just three dual meets before the start of the tournament so Gonzalez didn’t have a true feel for where the team stood heading into the tournament.

He saw some good – five wrestlers made the semifinals – and some bad – only Porter was able to win the semifinal match – on their way to a fifth place finish in the 31-team field.

“The guys who took the losses came back and wrestled hard,” Gonzalez said. “They didn’t finish where they wanted to but still competed in the end.”

The Thunder’s other placers were Jeremiah Imonode (third, 184 pounds), Brian Mitchell (fourth, 126), Tristan Ezell (sixth, 220), Gage McGrew (seventh, 106), Alex Carrillo (sixth, 113), Elijah Lovato (eighth, 132) and Nico Campbell (seventh, 138).

It was clear that Porter was the star of the weekend for the Thunder even though he was dejected after the championship loss.

“I wasn’t aggressive like I was in my other matches,” he said. “I didn’t wrestle like I normally do. He was physical and I wasn’t.”

The spotlight is literally put on the championship match as there is just one match going on and the lights in the gym are shut off other than the spotlight in the center of floor.

Porter denied he was affected by the atmosphere, but Gonzalez acknowledged it can take some getting used to and the 170-pounder will be ready next time.

“He realizes he made some mistakes,” Gonzalez said. “He can’t use the fact that he’s a freshman as an excuse. That’s over. The spotlight might have scared him a little but he is a spotlight type of wrestler.”

Porter is third of three brothers, Daniel and Jack, to wrestle for the Thunder and he is proud to put on the Desert Vista singlet.

“I used to come to all of these tournaments and watch them,” he said. “I knew someday I’d follow them and now I am doing it.”

Gonzalez said he is a good combination of his two older siblings.

“He’s a combination of the two,” he said. “He has the whimsicalness of Daniel and tenacity of (state runner-up) Jack.”

Sounds like something Porter can add to his bio sheet the next time around.

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