The postseason has started and some teams have already been eliminated - on the court.

The question is how many were unjustly eliminated before it even began.

According to research done by engineer John Carrieres and interpreted by the Tribune, nine Arizona high school basketball teams missed the postseason because of a flaw in the power points system.

The Desert Edge boys, Winslow boys, Chinle boys, Chandler Prep boys, Marana girls, Marana Mountain View girls, Sierra Linda girls, San Pasqual girls and Valley Union girls missed their respective state tournaments because of a power points flaw that rewarded teams for playing extra games regardless of outcome, according to Carrieres' data.

The Thunderbird boys, Camp Verde boys, Scottsdale Christian boys, Veritas boys, Basha girls, Alhambra girls, Sahuaro girls, St. Michael girls and Cibecue girls should have missed the playoffs, but made it because of the power points flaw, according to Carrieres' data.

These numbers are based on the basketball sectional results from last week, even though the flaw may have produced different match ups.

After his team lost to North Pointe in the first round of the Division III, Section III boys basketball tournament, Scottsdale Christian coach Bob Fredericks made plans for his players to turn in their jerseys because he thought the season was over.

However, the flaw gave Scottsdale Christian a boost for playing the extra game even though it resulted in a loss. The Eagles snuck into the state tournament as the No. 22 seed.

"It was like coming back from the dead," Fredricks said before advancing with a first-round win over Empire. "We were planning on turning in our equipment, but (once the power points updated) we realized it would be virtually impossible to drop out. So we started practicing again and now we can make the trip to Tucson and have a great chance to advance."

The Red Mountain boys and girls basketball teams were the big winners, as they both used sectional tournament upsets to reach the Division I, Section II title games and zoom up the rankings. Even though both Red Mountain teams lost in the finals (finishing 2-1 in the sectionals), playing the additional contests helped get them both first-round byes they wouldn't have received if there was no flaw.

The Red Mountain boys team finished as the No. 3 overall seed in Division I, but if the flaw had been fixed, the Lions would have entered the tournament at No. 11, according to Carrieres.

The girls team finished at No. 5 but should be a No. 11 seed, according to Carrieres.

The top 8 teams get first-round byes, so the Lions get the advantage of scouting their prospective opponents in the first round instead of playing. They will also have second-round home games.

Ironwood Ridge and Lake Havasu would have finished in the top 8 of Division I boys basketball if the power points flaw didn't exist. Red Mountain and Westview (No. 8 overall) instead have byes.

The Red Mountain girls took Westview's spot in the top 8.

After previously saying there were no errors in the power point system because this was the formula passed by the executive board, the AIA said it will present Carrieres' formula to the AIA Executive Board for analysis on Feb. 21.

The board can decide to implement the new power point system immediately if it so chooses.

• Contact writer: Kyle Odegard at (480) 898-6834 or Follow him on Twitter @Kyle_Odegard.

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