Dominic and Christian Cava are clearly in sync on the volleyball court, but it might be nothing compared to the harmony they have on the stage.

The Mountain Pointe senior twins only have a few matches left in their careers with the Pride.

The hope is to extend as long as they can once the Pride makes the postseason, which gets under way May 10, but when it comes to an end it will be just about time to get their band Sapphire cranked up again.

The band plays mostly covers at local places like CK’s Tavern and Grill in Ahwatukee along with the Salvation Army Camp Kroc and the Goat Head Saloon in Mesa.

“I’d say the band is my bigger passion,” Dominic said, compared to volleyball. “My grandfather introduced me to the guitar and I always wanted to play. I progressed to the point where I started using an electric guitar and it has built from there.”

Christian, who said volleyball — at least during the season — is more of his passion, is the drummer and he loves the adrenaline that comes with both.

“I bought the drums with my own money, and I love playing, but I realized the other day I haven’t really touched them during the season,” he said. “Right now I am more focused on volleyball, but when the band is together and playing it is a totally different feeling.”

The band is on a bit of a hiatus since playing in January as lead singer and keyboardist Sarah Harris is a student at the University of Arizona and bassists Levi Thorpe, a student at Dobson, can only get together so often during the season.

After all, Mountain Pointe is fighting for a playoff spot that otherwise ends the Cava era at Mountain Pointe.

The twins used to be rugrats milling around the Pride’s gym watching sister, Alexa, play for Mountain Pointe. She went on to play for Phoenix College and is now back at Mountain Pointe as the girls junior varsity coach.

“We were in middle school and I remember watching her play and now we are seniors,” said Christian, who was born seven minutes earlier than his brother on July 10, 1996. “It’s hard to believe it is almost over.”

The Pride (19-10) look to be in the mix for one of the 24 spots in the Division state tournament as they prepare to play at Chandler on Tuesday and the Cava brothers are a big reason why.

Dominic is a productive outside hitter, ranking second on the team with 174 kills, while Christian is one of the better liberos around, earning first-team All-Tempe honors, and leads the team in digs with 290 and aces with 44.

“Dom is stepping up his game it has been good for us,” Pride first-year coach Brian Steiner said. “During this last bit of the season we are going to push the heck out of him and see if he continues to go. And I can’t say enough about Christian, he has played quite well all season.

“Both those guys make a huge difference for us with their passing.”

When they are both in the back row their twin connection doesn’t always work out well.

“We both react the same way and go for the same ball,” Dominic said. “We probably could do a better of job of talking there.”

As far as Christian can tell there doesn’t need to be a discussion.

“I’m wearing the libero shirt, so that is my area,” he said. “Those balls are mine and he knows that, but sometimes our competitiveness gets to be too much.”

Steiner agreed.

“They are too much alike and we have to tell them to quit bickering,” Steiner said. “They are brothers so there is always going to be that competition, but it is probably even more because they are twins.”

And it will stay that way next year when they attend Grand Canyon University after receiving the Presidential Scholarship for Academics while they hope to play volleyball in some form or another in college by trying out for the Antelopes’ volleyball team or intramurals.

“We are not ready to have it end,” Christian said. “We want to get into state and go as far as we can and then after that we will head to GCU and play if we can and keep the band going, too.”

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