In these days of economic turmoil, bailouts have kept many businesses afloat.

The Mountain Pointe football program has a similar option when the offense bogs down and some long distance is involved.

Even though the opposition knows he is the No. 1 target, senior wide receiver Garrett Holle has developed into the Pride's bailout option.

"He's been good for us," Mountain Pointe coach Norris Vaughan said. "He finds ways to get open and made some big catches for us. He has dropped some, too, now, but Holle has had a good season."

The 6-foot-4, 190-pound Holle is pleased with his season thus far, but is more focused on the team's loss to Mesa Desert Ridge and making sure the Pride (5-2, 2-1 in the East Valley) is ready to turn it around at Mesa Westwood (5-3, 2-2) tonight.

"That loss hurt and showed us that we need to get better and play harder," he said.

"We have to work as hard as we can. (Senior linebacker) Izzy (Marshall) and I are going to put this team on our backs and make sure no one is slipping or taking it easy."

Holle's rise to a team leader and main offensive threat might have been expected within the program, but it is a tough sell to say many around the state knew of him - although word started to spread after the 7-on-7 season - before the year began.

Then in the first two games Holle hauled in a total of 12 catches for 260 yards for two touchdowns.

"I couldn't wait to get started because I knew I had a chance to have big games," said Holle, who had a total of five catches as a junior. "I was nervous but ready."

The opposing defenses weren't as Mountain Pointe threw more often in Vaughan's second season at the helm. The team ran for more than 4,000 yards in 2009 so there wasn't much tape on the Pride dropping back and flinging it.

But when junior quarterback Kyle Faunce did it was usually Holle on the other end.

Now that it is known that Holle and Faunce have a rapport and that the former is the passing game's main target, it has been harder to get the ball to him.

While it has slowed the production - he hasn't had a 100-yard game since Week 2 - Holle is still getting the job done.

When the Pride was moving the ball against Desert Ridge late in the fourth quarter, one of the Jaguars' coaches in the press box yelled back to whomever was upset on the other side of the headphones, "We are double teaming him!" after a Holle catch.

"They are bracketing him," Vaughan said. "The defenses have to account for him now."

Overall, Holle has 26 catches for 492 yards with five touchdowns.

"It has been good, but I am not satisfied," Holle said. "Not as long as there is time to get better. We have three games and the playoffs. I feel like you can get better every day no matter how I do in the games."

The lack of playing tape from his junior season made it difficult for colleges to take notice of him, but his body frame and play-making ability project well at the next level.

"I want to play college football," he said. "I don't know where I stand, but as long as we keep winning that is all that matters."

The game is just coming to him now as he gets more experience after sitting on the sidelines a good portion of 2009.

"I am maturing and understanding the game a lot better now," he said. "It isn't just a physical game. You have to recognize what coverage you are getting and make adjustments within the route."

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