Desert Vista sophomore thrower Victoria Wadsworth returned to action from a broken toe recently while senior Kadie McNamara stubbed her toe at the most inopportune time and never recovered.

The first day of the state track meet had some unexpected results and these two athletes were the epitome of Wednesday's action at Mesa Community College.

McNamara seemed to come into the meet on a high, recently committing to the Air Force Academy and having the second best throw in Division I all season at 134 feet and 7 inches, but never put it together in the most important meet of the year.

She started with a throw outside of the sector line and never got off a throw good enough to qualify for the finals.

"I just wanted to do so well and probably tried too hard," McNamara said. "I just didn't have it and it is frustrating because I have been working toward this all year."

Thunder throwing coach Troy Hickle said the bad day in the discus hardly takes away from what McNamara accomplished and where she goes from here.

"Knowing Kadie, this is going to make her stronger," he said. "She has a bright future ahead of her."

Apparently so does the Thunder's throwing program as freshman McKenzi Holmes-DiGiovani finished fifth and Wadsworth was sixth.

Holmes-DiGiovani wasn't able to match her season best of 131-11 so in that respect she wasn't at her best but the strides she made this season have her off to one of the best starts of any freshman in school history.

"I was around 100 (feet) when I first started then I jumped to the 120s and 130s," she said. "Then the pressure got to me, being a little freshman in all of these big meets. I just wanted to place and that's what I did."

Wadsworth's performance was the best as far as doing it under pressure as she set a personal record with a throw of 112 after throwing 109-4 during the season.

Not bad for someone who took five weeks off to let the big toe on her left foot heal.

"I didn't even pick up a discus for a long time until last week," she said. "I am very happy to get my PR at state. That's all you can ask for."

Both underclassmen shared the fact that they couldn't have competed at this level without McNamara's influence and were sad that their mentor didn't have a better finish.

"She is my idol," Wadsworth said. "She is going to the Air Force Academy, she is a great person and has been like a mom to me at times."

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