The people said:

“This horse will surely kill anyone who tries to pass.  What are we going to do?”

The wise man looked at the horse, turned and walked down another street.

I just love this little story, and I think the message is very important.  I think that at times it is easy to fall into the assumption that we must accomplish heroic feats in order to overcome obstacles.

Clients often share that they are going to run a marathon without much training, write a bestselling screenplay on their first draft, try to lose 50 pounds in eight weeks or triple their sales in one year. I think these lofty goals can be invigorating, but they also lead to an addiction to adrenaline and often they set us up to fail. Furthermore I see clients get too attached to the end result, and they do not contemplate what type of shape they will be in when they are complete.

I watch the laws of nature quite often. I have never seen a parent say, “I hope my wife’s pregnancy only lasts four months.”  Or, “My child is 9 and I just can’t wait for them to hit puberty.” 

My point is this: There is wisdom in the laws of proper effort. Sometimes efficiency and peace are just more powerful than force and haste.  I believe in the wisdom of time and with all processes that are important, there is a timeline that can be honored.

Sure I believe in spontaneous healing, and radical transformation; but often I find that healing happens when we have done 100 percent of our work, and then beauty steps in to deliver the gift and miracle.

Here is to all of those who choose to sometimes take the wise step this summer instead of always choosing the effortful step, for as one pays attention, opportunity knocks, and sometimes it is with a whisper instead of a yell.


Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. He can be contacted at (480) 704-2787 or

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