DV Fairchild

Desert Vista senior Kevin Fairchild defended his 2018 gold medal in javelin at the 2019 state track & field meet at Mesa Community College on Wednesday, May 1.

Kevin Fairchild knew he was in the heads of his opponents after just his second throw in the Division I javelin finals last Wednesday at Mesa Community College.

The Desert Vista senior set a new personal record with the throw, which soared over 196-feet. He had the competition won already, but wanted to make a statement with his final throw.

“Once someone is in your head, you can go all over the place,” Fairchild said. “I hit the 196 and I knew I could win it. I just kept pushing myself and on that last one I just let out a big roar and threw it as far as I can.”

Fairchild screamed as he threw the javelin for the last time. Right away he knew it was special. The crowd knew it was special. His opponents knew it was special.

Spectators erupted when the judges revealed the distance. Just minutes after he set a new personal record, he broke it. His final throw went 199-feet.

“It feels amazing,” Fairchild said. “The last throw of my high school career, I had to make it a big one. I’m proud.”

Fairchild edged out Mountain Pointe junior Alex Ramirez to win his second straight gold medal.

Ramirez, who beat Fairchild in every meet this season, entered the competition as the favorite after throwing 200-feet, 11 inches at the Tempe City Meet on April 16 and 18. Up until his final throw of the competition, Ramirez was unable to eclipse the 190-foot mark.

Knowing he had one last chance to test Fairchild for the gold, Ramirez unleashed a 194-foot, 10-inch throw. Just short of Fairchild’s mark.

After Ramirez’s throw, he and Fairchild embraced at the end of the runway.

“I just told him that I was proud of him,” Fairchild said. “We both have this rival in New Mexico and I told him I wanted him to wipe the floor with him. I want to see him do well.

“He’s been a really good competitor and I really wish the best for him.”

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