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Making the decision to purchase or refinance a home is one of those major decisions most of us only make a few times in our life. With so many mortgage options available to you, choosing the right lender can be agonizing.

Promises are made, opinions given and we gather that data together with our own knowledge and experience and hope we make the right choice. NationsChoice Mortgage (NCM), a local Arizona boutique lender, has created a unique program that we feel can take this decision from stressful to satisfying.

Homeowner’s Helping Humanity is a program designed to provide much needed funds to organizations whose goal is to better the lives of others. Interest profits are given to charities such as UNICEF, the American Cancer Society, the Wounded Warrior Project, etc. During the loan process, participants choose from a list of preferred charities that they feel strongly about and NationsChoice Mortgage pledges that during the initial 12 months, 100 percent of their interest profits (for qualifying 30-year-fixed loans) will be donated to this charity.

We here at NCM are passionate about this program and the good that these donations can do in the world. I personally am excited to have this opportunity to touch the lives of so many. As a loan officer, there is nothing that brings me more joy than being able to help people make solid financial decisions that will help them build a strong future.

When Chad Fisher, CEO and owner of NationsChoice Mortgage, shared this vision with me, I could not wait to share it with my clients and my community. As someone who lives in Ahwatukee and is involved in the community on a daily basis, I know so many of you are like-minded, looking for opportunities to get involved and make the world a better place. This is a great way to do just that; and all you have to do is pay your mortgage!

And now is the perfect time to take advantage of programs like this one. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a home or refinancing, there are great things happening in Phoenix real estate.

Homeowners have experienced anywhere from 8-20 percent increase in value per square foot since the first quarter of 2012 (Nick Timiraos, Wall Street Journal) and rates are still at an all-time low.

This gives many homeowners that have struggled with equity for the past few years a fresh start to get out from under Mortgage Insurance, into lower loan to value programs or get into a 10/15-year-fixed loan at a rock bottom rate.

Also, with housing inventory on the rise, it’s the perfect time to purchase a new home and take advantage of the low monthly payments that current rates can offer.

Often times I find my home buyers lower their current monthly housing expense when upgrading from a higher interest, smaller home or from a rental.

With all the ups and downs the economy has seen over the past few years, charities and homeowners are two parties that suffered greatly.

Now, as we’re turning the corner, it is fantastic to have such good news and a positive outlook to share with you in a way that can benefit both groups simultaneously.

• Ahwatukee resident Aaron Ely is a husband and father who has been serving the community through his involvement in his church as well as his daughters’ schools. He has been helping homeowners as a mortgage loan officer since 1999. Reach him at (480) 222-8848 or AaronE@ASmartLoan.com.

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