The No. 1 company for real estate sales in the Valley, with $4.8 billion worth of residential real estate sales in the past year, is expanding its leadership team with the addition of two executives.

Todd Sumney and Brad Clayton have joined HomeSmart International’s leadership team as chief marketing officer and vice president of sales, respectively. Both join the company with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

“There was a time as early as last year I considered leaving the real estate industry all together in terms of franchising because I just saw little value with what brokers were making,” Clayton said. “HomeSmart actually allows franchise owners to not only become profitable but to earn a substantial return on their initial investment and it makes their lives a lot easier. I feel like we are far ahead of any competitors in terms of what they are focusing on.”

HomeSmart, based in Phoenix, has a goal of growing to 100,000 agents in the next 10 years. Clayton said it’s a lofty goal but one they will achieve.

“That burden has been placed on me,” he said. “And I’m determined.”

Clayton said HomeSmart will reach the goal through targeted marketing, adapting the model in specific markets and making a big media push.

Part of that marketing push will be left up to Sumney, who said his focus will be on telling the story of HomeSmart and getting the founder, Matt Widdows, out to the public.

“It is such a wonderful story,” Sumney said. “Matt runs the most successful brokerage in the country and in my opinion the most efficient. He could just be content with that, but he really wants to share it with the rest of the world. … When Matt tells the story of why he started HomeSmart and automated it the way he automated it, another broker is nodding their head because they are experiencing the same thing.”

Sumney said Widdows comes from a software background and was able to write software that integrates all the systems necessary for an agent to do their job. That in turn makes it easier for customers to view properties and find what’s right for them.

“We have a wonderful franchise in Ahwatukee,” Sumney said. “That’s a perfect example of how the initiatives a parent company has trickle down to the local company. They, Rachael Richards and Ben Quillinan, provide their customers with incredible service. They’re very community minded. They have a great reputation there. It’s the HomeSmart model that makes that happen.”

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