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Selling season is upon us — does your home have its best foot forward? Or, do you still need to be convinced that now is finally the time to place your home on the market?

You’ve probably heard and read that Arizona is leading the way in the recovery of the housing industry, which is good news for us here at home, and also a positive indicator for the overall health of our economy. Here in Ahwatukee we’re performing especially well. According to our managing broker at Keller Williams, Mike Salyer, the average median home sale price in Ahwatukee is $218,000 a 21 percent increase over last year. Plus, interest rates are at their lowest in decades.

Spring has always been Arizona’s hottest selling season. There’s plenty of time for families to get settled before the next school year, and moving in the blistering heat isn’t ideal. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect timing before you place the sign in your yard — it’s arrived.

From Curb to Scents appeal: Tips for making your home stand out from the crowd

We tend to live with those little imperfections of wear and tear, but now is the time to make your home sparkle. It’s time to identify what needs to be cleaned, repaired and painted. An attractive home sends an important message: I’m worth the asking price! So get ready:

1. Purge, pack and de-clutter. A prospective buyer needs to identify your home, so eliminate extraneous and loose items, and personal pictures. Ensure the counter tops, floor spaces and walls are as clear and as spacious as possible.

2. Create an inviting curb appeal. First impressions count and can cost sales — so take care to ensure the front yard is manicured and clutter-free. Add some décor to your (spit and polished) front door.

3. Create a pleasant aroma. Every home has a distinct aroma, so make the association with yours warm and inviting. According to REALTOR magazine, the following scents were most popular among buyers: lemon, green tea, cedar, pine, basil and vanilla.

Timing and preparation is everything; and with a bit of extra effort, your home can deliver on its asking price in no time at all.

• Bonny Holland is with Keller Williams, Sonoran Living in Ahwatukee Foothills. Reach her at (602) 369-1085, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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