Dear Claudia: I am remodeling my master bathroom and I am not sure what plumbing fixtures to use. There are so many choices. How can I find the plumbing fixtures I like?

Answer: I think it’s great to have so many choices to help you create the space you like. To choose the right ones, you just need to follow an elimination process. Since it is amazing how many plumbing companies there are and that they all seem to have an extensive selection, it’s hard to find out the ones that fit your décor, your budget, as well as keeping in mind any plumbing limitations or codes.

For the process of elimination to find the right plumbing fixture for your project, it might take some time researching. However, I believe it’s worth it. Since most plumbing companies have a website and one can purchase online, this makes it easier. It gives one the ability to compare products between companies. In the elimination processes, consider and compare: Price range, style/category, finish/color, size (length, width and depth), and shape and brand. Don’t forget if it needs to be within a certain code and all the trims if needed.

To determine the look and style, visit Set up an idea book and it will help you identify what you like best. Also, the site has an extensive product library. Don’t forget to check out my page and to follow me.

Dear Claudia: We never really use the living and dining room, both rooms are combined. My husband and I were exploring other ideas for the use of this room; do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Certainly, I have many ideas. As our society and our lifestyle change, it’s fascinating to see the evolution of home floor plans and home décor. Most architects, contractors and builders are now omitting this room in new homes floor plans as requested by homeowners since it’s rarely used.

Depending in the dynamics of your family lifestyle, the living/dining room can be used as a theater room, hobby room, family room, home bar, play room, kids’ computer room or even for your home office. Sometimes all it takes is to rearrange the furniture in your house, paint, get an area rug, or move a wall/close a wall. I believe that even with a small budget, this room can be transformed to a space that the family can enjoy.

It’s been my quest to decorate homes for people to enjoy a better lifestyle and feel that they are living in a space of which they are proud. Cheers to you and your husband for wanting to enjoy every room in your house. Lastly, hiring a designer will be a great option.

• Claudia Dabdoub is a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills and owner of D’amore Interior Design Studio. To ask a question for an upcoming column, reach her at (480) 751-9938 or

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