Dear Editor:

On a recent evening, my partner was walking our dog on Half Moon Street, which borders on a fairway of the Ahwatukee Golf Course. As he was walking down the street with our 15-pound Chihuahua mix, a large dog came charging (not on a leash) off the golf course, with who I assume was the owner following. The dog was determined to be about 60 pounds. This out-of-control dog bit our dog several times and may have bitten my partner, who was trying to pick up our dog. The owner of this dog left the area as others passing stopped to help.

When our dog was finally brought home, it was evident that the dog was in pain. We took our dog to the Emergency Pet Clinic, where it was found that several internal organs had been punctured. The vet said one kidney would need to be removed and until they could do surgery, saving our dog's life was highly questionable. Needless to say, we opted to have our pet euthanized.

What happened to leash laws and control of your animals/pets? What if this had been a small child?

David A. Gilliland


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