If we'd only heed Rush Dear Editor: Like Capt. Renault in Casablanca, I'm shocked at Doug Murphy's scurrilous assault on our omniscient national sage, Rush Limbaugh. Murphy seems oblivious of the manifold bounties bestowed by El Rushmo. He has manifested his patriotism as a cheerleader in two major wars: Vietnam (where John McCain was a mere participant) and Iraq. He's also our favorite closet junkie, our foremost exposer of the global-warming hoax and overall pope of conservative ideology, beneficently issuing his infallible decrees to worshipful votaries. If we'd only heed Rush, we'd avoid needless worry. "U.S. economy to avoid recession in 2008 due to surprising economic growth." That quote appears in Rush's January newsletter. And from Rush himself: " . . . after years of EIB, you know, this is America, where it only gets better." That's certainly true for Rush - $40 million a year as America's answer to Joseph Goebbels. C.W. Griffin The left is in the right Dear Editor: I enjoyed Doug Murphy's article "Is it McCain or losing power that freaks out Rush and others?" (Feb. 8, AFN). What was implied in the essay was the fact that the country as a whole is turning to the left. What was not explained was why this is so. The fact is, the right has had their chance. They had eight years to show us what they were made of and they gave us the very best they could offer in George W. Bush (not to mention six years of Republican rule in the House and Senate). What do they have to show for it? A weakened national defense, a gigantic government with huge debts and a waning economy. American people, I'm not talking sheep here, I have seen enough of McCain-Bush conservatism and are turning away in disgust. Eric Day Vote 'nut jobs' out of office Dear Editor: What is wrong with the deranged legislators in this state? When I moved here three-and-a-half years ago the State Senate was debating whether to allow guns in bars. That bill was sponsored by our very own Sen. John Huppenthal. Now the debate centers on whether to allow guns on K-12, university and college campuses. It is time to vote these "nut jobs" out of office. Fred Barlam

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