I'm having trouble understanding Joe Campbell's tirade against Congressman David Schweikert ("Questions for Congressman Schweikert," AFN, Feb. 25). Is his tirade based on misinformation or is it simply malicious recitation of the left-wing socialist dogma? I suspect the latter.

For example, Campbell says he "wondered what the pledge to America is going to do to the lower-income people." Huh? Low-income people pay no income tax, and many, if not most, receive federal and state support. How much more do you want?

And, "Schweikert, will you vote to reduce or eliminate Social Security...?" No one presently on Social Security will see any reductions. No one anywhere close to retirement will see any effect. Cuts and changes to Social Security will be phased in over a very long time period, like gradual increases in retirement age and means tests. Certainly means tests ought to make you socialists happy. Maybe we can even come up with something like a 401K that actually is self-supporting rather than being a Ponzi scheme.

Campbell then asks, "Will you vote to repeal our long-sought health care bill that we are so thankful our president and Congress gave to us U.S. citizens?" What a laugh! I can't be the only one in this neighborhood that just received a notice that my health insurance premium will increase 20 percent next month.

"Will you vote to extend the tax breaks for the wealthiest? And, therefore, put balancing the budget on the working class?" If you raised their taxes the budget still wouldn't balance. The crazy spending must stop.

Campbell continues: "Will you support building up America's infrastructure and put U.S. citizens back to work?" Like light rail? Forbes did an analysis of our light rail. You could give each regular rider a Prius and a 10,000-mile gas allowance and still save two-thirds of the capital cost and half of the annual operating cost. Why do you left-wing socialists always propose wasting money?

"Are you willing to support American education for all Americans?" We're effectively three-way tied for first in the world for student-per-capita expenditures (7 to 8 percent of GDP). Yet we rank 16th in reading, 32nd in math and 23rd in science (OECD data). Looks to me we aren't getting the proper bang for our buck. What is your suggestion to improve the results? You won't mind if I snicker when I point out that fully 50 percent of the students at Desert Vista are doing below average work?

"Firefighters are being forced out of their state pensions by Republican dominated legislatures." Where? Sounds like leftist baloney to me.

"Will you reduce your salary to help cut the government's costs?" Ever tried to live in D.C. (and still maintain your home in Ariz.) on $174K gross? I just looked up typical apartment rentals in Washington, D.C. and they are around $2,000 a month in a safe place (D.C. is one of our most crime-ridden cities). Do you wonder why so many freshmen congressmen are sleeping in their offices? Must be because they're so affluent (snicker).

And last, "Will you reject any compensation offered from lobbyists?" "Compensation" from a lobbyist is illegal.

Jim Thompson

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