In his review of “American Reunion” (AFN, April 6), Nick Spake says that people often wonder what has become of those immature teenagers we have seen on the screen in days gone by, and imagines that the public is “praying” that a sequel will resolve their curiosity.

Strange. I never gave it a second thought. However, I would like to personally assure Mr. Spake that the Creator of heaven and earth is completely uninterested and turns a deaf ear to the supposed many prayers going up requesting a blessing for the furtherance of more sequels of filthy, foul-mouthed teenagers, who have turned into filthy, foul-mouthed and “sex addicted, inconsiderately lovable jerks” as he describes them. Shockingly, this drivel is churned out once a month like clockwork, destroying the very moral fabric of our society and turning it into a bucket of sleaze.

Janine Kirk

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