There seems to be many articles about inequality in America lately. Equality is found in socialist or communist nations. In these nations the government dictates to the workers: (1) what job they will have, (2) what pay, and benefits they will get, (3) what conditions they will be working under, (4) and what housing they will get. The worker doesn’t have a choice of these issues. The worker cannot refuse this work. If they refuse they will not be able to get food, or housing, etc. But they will have equality, if they do what the government wants.

In America, work is not guaranteed, nor is an appropriate wage. In America it is up to the worker to get a job of his choosing, at a negotiated wage. So, demanding that America have wage equality is not part of our system, and shouldn’t be. Inequality is a driving force in America. It is up to the worker to manage his or her life to get ahead. It does take work, but some people want things to be easy, not ready to work for a better life. There will always be winners and losers here, no matter what the government does to improve life. The losers in our society have to learn to suck it up to better themselves.

Don Crook

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