Dear Editor:

Do you not receive enough correspondence from our local lefties that you have to publish garbage from Californians ("Tucson shootings are no surprise to me," letter to the editor from Marc Perkel of Gilroy, Calif., Jan. 21)?

Let's talk about "hate speech" for a moment. How about the Tucson nut that was hauled in recently for saying top Republican figures should be tortured, their ears severed, and holding up a picture of the Tucson Tea Party founder and shouting, "You're dead!"

How many times during the eight years of "W" (President George W. Bush) was he called a Nazi, often by opposing D.C. politicians? What about our friend Bill Maher? He is an unrepentant leftist, who feels that it's his job to "drag the hillbilly half of this country into the 21st century."

If we did some objective research I dare say we would find more "hate speech" on the left of the equation than the right. I do not object to letting Perkel speak his mind, but let him do it in the "Gilroy Foothills News." Leave some space for our local haters.

Scott Lanham

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