Dear Editor: Wow! Sorry if I must step up to the plate and be yet another curmudgeon, but I was stunned at Dana Desonie's diatribe (Nov. 28, AFN) over a single line from D. Kennedy's "Halloween is scary..." commentary (Oct. 31, AFN ). Contrary to Dana's point of view, scientists by the droves are abandoning the global warming theories... now that it's considered safe to speak out. For quite awhile there scientists feared peer pressure and job loss... just Google "global warming" and "consensus" (isn't that a nasty word). Check out the Wikipedia list of dissenting scientists. Check out "Governor Plans to Fire Oregon Climatologist for Skeptical View on Global Warming," NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) employees threatened with firing for being skeptical, and then ponder why the hurricane predictions since Katrina have been completely wrong. Desonie's apparent worship of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth is really appalling... the movie is stock full of lies... the mathematical subterfuge that Gore-advisors Michael Mann and Phil Jones used will produce the sudden step-up (so-called hockey stick pattern) in temperature even when fed totally random data. I would label this criminal intent to defraud and fleece the sheep of more tax money and carbon credit payoffs. But, yep, I'm just another curmudgeon, though MIT-educated I've been called many times by the likes of Dana, "just another parent/grandparent," what would I know. Personally though I think things are changing for the better. Only Desonie (PhD!) and a bunch of village idiots from the Chicken Little crowd still subscribe to global warming as man-made. Jim Thompson

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