The Ahwatukee Recreation Center (ARC) claims to be having an election for board members on Nov. 5. Board president Bette Laatsch claims this event to be a “contention.” Are we missing something? There is no mention regarding who is retiring from the board but there are three members leaving and three candidates nominated. A shoo-in, a ratification of their nominating committee’s choices, but hardly an election (which to most of us means a choice).

If the process was changed to allow for an interested member to submit one’s own name we might have a board of directors with a different look, a cross section from our retirement community. Submit your name, campaign, and win or lose on your merits or ideas or vision. We were informed at the July 10 ARC board meeting that all selected candidates are subject to final approval by the ARC general manager, Dan O’Brien. No surprise that two of the three appointees belong to one particular club/group.

This pseudo election is simply a tool that looks like something democratic, but really it’s a sham. Many residents received their ballots but in annoyance and disgust tossed them in the trash. Why vote? It’s already a done deal.

Sara Griffiths, Carol Miklica, Janice Wells

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