Thank you Dear Editor: On March 4, while walking Sydney, my mini-Australian shepherd, and Cole, my Bernese Mountain dog, I took a tumble roadside in Pima Canyon. Vehicles immediately stopped in the road and several men rushed to my aid. As a photographer all my life, I never managed to escape wearing a camera and the one on my chest beat me to the ground and I landed on top of it with my rib cage. When one of the men asked me if I was OK, I lied "Yes, but let me rest here a couple of minutes." On Dec. 4, 2007, I was struck down by a heart attack and the miracle workers at Chandler Regional Hospital took me from 99.9 percent dead back to life. On the ground in Pima Canyon, I was suffering mild shock, wondering if I might in some way have damaged the stent they had inserted in a plugged artery to keep me alive. But, feeling a bit better, I stuck out a hand and one of my rescuers grabbed it in the fireman's wrist hold and another, or maybe two, helped me get on my feet. I was only a short distance from my truck, and I faked walking toward it feeling OK again. Who were these people? Their faces were a blur. As a regular visitor to Pima Canyon, I fear that I may not recognize them and, thus, be unable to thank them again. If this should happen, I hope they will forgive me. If you know nothing of this event and I thank you, please do not think I am odd. James Tallon  

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