As “Opponents of Brewer’s Medicaid plan speak out” it rapidly becomes obvious that they are obsessed with forcing their personal, misguided value systems on we citizens.

Sen. Ward says entitlement programs like this “disincentivize the poor from improving themselves.” This totally unsupported statement has no truth or value, yet many will believe it.

Rep. Olsen has unbelievable knowledge — perhaps even psychic — of how Medicaid funds will be abused by Planned Parenthood. He actually believes he has the right to control women’s personal medical affairs and choices.

He must admire Sharia Law.

Our legislative leaders intend to block any votes on Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid plan. This is tyranny, not democracy. In all of these positions there appears to be a fear of socialism. Yet, most readily and selectively partake of it.

It has been said by many that our roads, airports and highway systems are totally socialistic in origin yet our socialistically paranoid legislators don’t avoid them. Their choices are self-beneficial, unbalanced and inconsistent. Wake up lawmakers, we are social creatures.

These are just a few examples. I, for one, am sick and tired of these semi-politicians preaching and forcing their personal value systems into my life.

They need to realize they are to represent ALL and not just those they agree with. Never, in all the states that I have lived in, have I seen such a concentration of power based on social, political and religious ideology.

Paul Ingle

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