As a small business owner, I am very opposed to Senate Bill 2049. Replacing the dollar bill with the dollar coin is a blatant waste of taxpayer money. At this time, Congress’s primary focus should be on job creation rather than needlessly debating currency changes.

My husband and I have owned and operated our hardware and swimming pool supply store for over 30 years, and while Congress has repeatedly made attempts to encourage their use, we rarely see anyone make their purchases with dollar coins. This would likely explain why 40 percent of dollar coins aren’t even in circulation, a fact which exemplifies the sheer wastefulness of such an initiative.

Our business handles a lot of cash transactions, and my customers would likely find, as I do, that dollar coins are cumbersome to carry and use on a regular basis. I would also be concerned about the undue burden placed on fellow small business owners who would have to convert any of their equipment that currently accepts dollar bills, just to accommodate this currency change.

There is already far too much quibbling in Congress for our elected officials to waste time and money on such trivial, even frivolous, issues like SB 2049. Our Congress members are paid with our hard-earned taxpayer money to work on issues that benefit Americans, and this legislation does not represent that.

Karilyn Branstetter

Plaza Hardware

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