Obama at DVHS

President Barack Obama speaks at Desert Vista High School on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013.

In the old days, an immigrant to America would go down to the docks and find a boat going to America. Because he didn’t have any money, he would have to sign up to be an indentured servant for five years to get a place on the ship.

Things have changed. Now HUD (Housing and Urban Development) sends a rep to Africa, his mission to sign up Africa Muslims for immigration to America. All costs are paid by the taxpayers. Readers might ask, “Where do they go?” Well, another part of HUD is in the process of investigating all suburbs of the major cities in America. They are identifying the suburbs that are not ethnically diverse enough. These African Muslims are then placed in these suburbs. Our President has decided to have as many neighborhoods as diverse as possible. The outcome is diversity, and increasing the Muslim population in America.

You might ask how HUD knows whether these immigrants are terrorist, or not. I looked at the immigration laws and found this sentence: “Immigration law does not consider membership in a terrorist organization, or advocacy of terrorism, as grounds for excluding a foreigner.” So our government doesn’t care whether any of these immigrants are terrorists. I know that Obama is a Muslim, but didn’t think that he would stoop to this level, to destroy America.

Don Crook

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