Recently, an AFN contributor on this page suggested that positive ideas were needed for moving the country forward to replace "tabloid criticism."

So, let's try these uncommon ideas for economic progress:

1. Place our health care system in the hands of the private sector. It worked for many years until the helping hand of the government took over. Government has no business doing for us what we can do for ourselves.

2. Use our fossil fuels such as crude oil and coal to provide energy. Nuclear power works, too. Natural gas is good, but not good enough. Our energy resources are the largest in the world, and our politicians won't allow us to use them. Looks like an evil plan to destroy the nation. Perish the thought! Our legislators would never do that to us ... would they?

3. Teach classic economics in our schools. Keynesian economics is the cause of the effect of our economic catastrophe. Listen to Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Art Laffer. They know/knew the subject of economics better than Marx or Keynes.

They understood/understand the invisible hand of the economic market place. They were/are about the freedom of the individual to choose his own future in his own self-interest, win or lose. Happiness isn't guaranteed or to be doled out by a paternalistic government. Food stamps, anyone?

4. Teach American history in our schools as it should be taught. Study the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. We are the only nation in the world with legal documents of such import.

There are many other constitutions, but none like ours. Ours places limits on what the government can do to the governed. The people are supposed to be in control.

It's the law, but our government has steadily usurped the power of the people by convoluted interpretations of the Constitution for the past 100 years.

5. It would be nice if everyone would live a healthy lifestyle, but human nature being what it is, that'll never happen.

Government can't make it happen no matter how it establishes its guidelines defining obesity. Anyway, those guidelines are changed at the whim of the control freaks in Foggy Bottom to suit their agenda on any given day.

6. Take the control of our government from the hands of the environmentalists. Do away with the Environment Protection Agency.

7. Never forget we are a moral nation founded by the Pilgrims who practiced the Judeo-Christian ethic to a farethewell. As the late President Ronald Reagan said: "If we ever forget that we are ‘One Nation under God,' we will be a Nation gone Under."

Don Kennedy

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