Who prioritizes this stuff?

Dear Editor:

The front page of the AFN on Feb. 3, 2010: Value engineering cuts cost of South Mountain Freeway from $2.5 to $1.9 billion. But the profit motive is alive and well – same page also has laying off firefighters and police officers due to budget shortfall.

Maybe if we laid off a few more cops and firemen we could donate to a fund to keep 10 lanes instead of cutting back to a measly eight. Or maybe even squeeze in an extra couple. How about 12? Or 14? In each direction?

I’m pretty sure I voted for somebody down at The Bureau of First Things First to wrestle with such painful priorities. Or maybe it was The Department of Eggs in Baskets? Or is the explanation for these Decisions From Mars simply that those are all different dollars managed by different agencies with different priorities at different levels of left- and right-handed awareness.

Maybe what we need is a Department of Homeland Priorities. Meanwhile, so much for government as advocate – so much for government as adversary.

Novotny Ingersol

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