Tom Patterson ("Conservatives have to win this deficit stare-down, AFN, June 12), where were you when President Bush and the Republicans were spending the huge surplus built by President Clinton? How come you were not worried about the surplus-turned-deficit until we had a Democrat-elected president?

Was it OK for Bush to run amok without any Republicans complaining about Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld destroying the country?

Have you no shame for what your political friends have done to America? Tax breaks for the rich instead of rebuilding America's infrastructure. Outsourcing all of our jobs and manufacturing to Communist China and India. And, of late, South Korea.

Are you proud of Arizona and all the great Republican-dominated Legislatures that have bankrupted and taxed us into poverty over the last 40 or 50 years?

As a former state senator you must feel real proud of all the good things you did to make us one of the worst states in job losses, housing, low-paying jobs, workers losing pensions, 401k's, etc.

Republicans are attacking the working class like never before with low wages, no union representation, no pensions, layoffs, even lowering the workers age so children can do some low-cost labor for corporations. I never thought the corporations could stoop so low. I was wrong.

Joe Campbell

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