Dear Editor:

Have all of us forgotten:

• Federal money was used to bail out our banks?

• Federal money was used to bail out the auto industry?

• Federal money was used to bail out the "Freddies?"

• The cheaters in the stock market (federal regulations curtailed that)?

Have you noticed?

• All of the new road projects (we enjoy the resurfaced roads, new bridges, etc. - all federal projects)

• Seniors in "the gap" of their medical drug plan getting rebates?

• Added aid to our schools (programs would have been eliminated without it)?

• Help along the border?

• College-aged students get medical coverage on their parent's policy?

Yet, many of the politicians are running on the premise that we don't need federal "interference" in our lives. They tell us that a certain number of our legislators are "big spenders." Where would we be without the big spenders? Isn't it time to be realistic?

Or, are we saying that money spent on me is well spent, but on the other guy is misuse of government money?

If we are going to throw the baby out with the bath water, we should realize how much we will miss the baby before we do it.

Betty Boesen

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