In the past few years, we have been told that the city of Phoenix had no money. Phoenix made significant cuts to libraries, after-school programs and senior services, while raising taxes (2 percent food tax) and fees (water/sewer fees). Hidden from the public, the city of Phoenix has now agreed to more than $100 million in increased compensation for city employees over the next two years.

In 2010, Phoenix levied an emergency 2 percent food tax that generates about $50 million citywide annually. Rather than reducing the burden on the poor and elderly in our community by eliminating the food-tax, the city (with our newly elected Mayor Greg Stanton’s approval) choose to reward its over-paid city employees.

Phoenix employs 15,000 people (1,500 firefighters, 3,500 police officers and 10,000 other employees). In my opinion, all city employees are over-paid. How do I know this? In the private sector, companies’ use performance reviews to evaluate employees, productive employees are given incentives to stay while low productive employees receive none. Employees that are not pleased with their performance review may choose to seek employment elsewhere. This method results in a 2 to 4 percent turn-over rate among competitive companies. Apply this concept to city of Phoenix, which last year had a turnover rate of .001 percent (with no performance review), and you understand they are paid above marked value.

How many of you have access to free public transportation and paid holiday in observance of the Cesar Chavez holiday? City employees do.

It is immoral and wrong for the city of Phoenix to take money from the poor and reduce services for our elderly while at the same time providing lavish benefits for its employees. This is not sustainable, and once again it appears that unions will destroy another great city; just like they did to the once great city of Detroit.

Per Klype

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