My wife, disabled son and I arrived in Phoenix on May 12 to attend our daughter's MBA graduation from Arizona State University.

We rented a car at the airport and registered at the La Quinta Inn and Suites at 15241 S. 50th St.

This was our first trip with our son since his accident two-and-a-half years ago and I neglected to bring our son's Wisconsin Disabled Parking Permit.

I asked the hotel clerk if I would have any problems parking in the handicapped spaces on their property.

He stated that it was private property and that it would be OK because the police never come on La Quinta's private property to issue tickets.

Thinking that everything was fine, I parked in the handicapped space, since my son has a brain injury, is partially paralyzed and wheelchair bound.

The next morning I had a $276 citation, a PCC 36-149C, Disabled Parking violation, on the vehicle.

I talked with the general manager of LaQuinta and explained to her what had transpired and she called the police department to no apparent avail.

They refused to rescind the ticket.

LaQuinta is reducing the cost of our stay by the amount of the ticket and now they have a customer for life.

This incident obviously put a damper on our visit to Phoenix.

We stayed for six days and avoided parking in handicapped parking spaces since we did not have our Wisconsin permit with us.

The hotel and I are at a loss as to why the police came on to private property to issue this ticket. This was the first time they had done so, according to the hotel staff.

We are senior citizens who are taking care of our disabled adult child.

The staff at LaQuinta was fantastic, the Phoenix Police Department, not so much.

I would hope that the city of Phoenix, the rental car companies, hotel industry and travel and tourism bureau can come up with a solution so an incident like this is avoidable for future visitors.

Oscar L. Bond

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Really? It is the police's fault they parked in a handicapped zone without a permit. They could have contacted the proper authorities and received a temporary permit. Come on take responsibility and quit blaming others!


So why couldn't they do what most people do when without the sticker? You pull up to the door, help the handicapped get out of the car and into the lobby. You LEGALLY park the car. Since it was both the husband and wife, one could easily have driven the car to a non-handicapped slot. I see this done often. He decided to stay parked there. If the police didn't patrol the lot of their own volition, maybe another guest called the police to make the complaint. Private property or no, that slot is covered by laws. Apparently, not even the hotel staff can give him that permission.

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