When are people going to wake up? We have a President that clearly lies to the American people. When you question his policies you are called a racist, and for the record I am not a racist.

Let’s get to the facts. Fact: on the first day as President he froze all information about him, college and birth certificate just to name a couple. Fact: he has a Connecticut Social Security number belonging to Jean Paul Lugwid, who spent the final months of his life in Hawaii. Fact: he has said, “I want to fundamentally change America.” Sadly, people didn’t question what he meant, it just sounded good. Fact: he said President Bush was unpatriotic for spending $4 trillion in eight years and he has spent over $7 trillion in only five years. After five years in the White House it is clear that he is burying America with even more debt. Fact: Fast and Furious was a disaster and we lost a border patrol agent, but Holder still remains. Fact: four Americans died in Benghazi and we still don’t know all the information. This President and his administration lied while pushing a stupid video for two weeks. Even though a couple hours after it started they knew it was terrorists. Who pushed the video? Who gave the “stand down” order? Who denied there request for more protection? Who is keeping the witnesses away from the hearings? Or as Hillary says, “What difference does it make?” Shall I say IRS or NSA?

How about 19 (yes, 19 that we know of) green companies Obama choose as “winners” to give money to and all are now failing or have filed for bankruptcy: like Solyndra ($535 million), SunPower ($1.5 billion) or First Solar ($1.46 billion), and the list goes on. Fact: he magically never hears about anything bad and only hears information on the TV. His supporters still were supporting him, whether you are on the left or right you have to admit the many lies and deception this person has given to the American people. The way to lose your support in office is to burn the people that support you, well thank you Obamacare. Fact: the American people were told, “If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period,” “If you like your health insurance you can keep it. Period” and (my favorite), “The cost will go down $2,500 for a family.” People are finding out that the plans are MORE and the deductibles are WAY MORE. Congratulations on the first step to ruining this country!

This President is a LIAR, plain and simple. He says, “No one is more mad than I am that the website isn’t working,” well, I can think of over 5 million people that got a letter in the mail that their health insurance is being dropped that are more mad. Over 600-plus million of our money towards a website that doesn’t work and has serious safety problems, and this is just the beginning. Now we are finding out some of our prescriptions won’t be covered! Also, Sebelius remains even though she is incompetent. Wait until you can’t get health care like you knew it. I had government health care and it is awful. You pay more and get less. When people say this President doesn’t know what he’s doing, I say he knows exactly what he’s doing. Fact: he wants a single-payer plan and he’s said so. This is also such a wonderful health care bill that the President won’t be on it, along with Congress and their aids. If by chance the aids are told to get on Obamacare there is a “special” plan for them.

We should all be scared to where this will lead. Obamacare is the first step to redistribution, when was it so bad to want to achieve more and earn more money? So, my question remains, “When is enough, enough?”

Cathy Neukam

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