C.W. Griffin's guest commentary of June 15 ("Limbaugh's colossal ignorance not limited to economics"), ridiculing Rush Limbaugh, should be used by all local schools as a prime and egregious example of an insipid and malicious ad hominem diatribe. His diatribe is presented under the guise of an economics criticism but degenerates instantly into a predictable personal attack, as if Rush is running for president.

Griffin is identified as a retired consulting engineer who obviously has morphed into Dr. Griffin - now an insulting political psychologist and psychiatrist. For me, I still prefer Dr. Hartly - alias Bob Newhart.

Griffin lauded former President William Jefferson Bligh Clinton as the progenitor of wondrous economic success. Then Dr. Griffin tries to use Clinton's policies not only to ridicule Rush's "hooked on capitalism" theme, but also as a smoke screen for President Obama's total failure in office, while spending $4 trillion that the U.S. doesn't have! Nice work on culling all those time-worn fantasies about Rush from those far-left websites..

Alan Tindale

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