It is a pleasure to be denounced by Ahwatukee Foothills’ leading political troglodyte, Jim Thompson (“Maybe we’ll just end up being a third-world country,” AFN, Sept. 2), as a “mudslinger” for condemning Mitt Romney’s Vietnam draft-dodging.

I’m aware that Romney’s Mormon missionary work (in Paris of all places) supposedly justified his draft-dodging.

But Romney supported the war.

His draft-dodging was unpatriotic, and his support for the war was stupid.

He evidently bought into the preposterous “domino theory,” which asserted that defeat in Vietnam would assure a Cold War defeat.

But guess what? We lost in Vietnam, but nonetheless won the Cold War.

Vietnam was a futile intervention in a remote nation’s civil war, with no international significance. We sacrificed 58,000 service men for nothing.

Contrary to Thompson’s evident belief, the military draft is not the only way to join the military. Has Thompson ever heard of volunteering?

If Romney’s sons agreed with him about the necessity of the idiotic Iraq war, they could have volunteered for service.

Poor rural kids volunteer and are rewarded with inexcusable multiple combat tours, formerly in Iraq, now in Afghanistan.

Thompson condemns the public’s demand for a free economic lunch. But like other Paleolithic Republicans, he revels in free-lunch patriotism.

C.W. Griffin

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