I see you have a dog. I hope you love your dog as much as I love mine. In fact I love my dog so much that when I got him I vowed to no one in particular that I would be a responsible dog owner and always clean up my dog’s litter when we walk. I see you have a dog. I see you don’t seem to have the same sense of responsibility as I do.

Mind you, I am not saying you are not a good dog owner. You’re just not a responsible dog owner. You apparently think it’s OK to litter your dog’s litter on the gravel of our public sidewalks. I just wonder, who do you think is going to pick up your left-behind litter in that nice little biodegradable bag? Just because that litter is in that nice little neon litter bag do you think it is capable of walking itself to one of the nearest trash cans, which, by the way, are planted in very obvious places like corners, parks, etc.

I have seen your dropped bag not 10 feet from a trash container. I have seen it in the wash, under the bush, sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. Every time I see it I think, REALLY? Just who do you think is going to pick up your bag and drop it in that container for you?

I have a suggestion. Walk home and put it in your own receptacle. I have one. It’s on the outside of my house, out of view. It’s a tiny little container, with a cute little top. I deposit the bag in there when we (that would be me and my loving dog) return from our walks, which he loves to take to get some exercise and fresh air. When I deposit it in the little container, I also remove it and put it in the weekly trash for pickup. Not a novel idea, but one I feel is the neighborly thing to do.

I see you have a dog. I bet your dog (and your neighbors) would love you even more if you became a responsible dog owner.

Robin Drake

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