Dear Editor:

Over the last few months I have read several of the TEA Party-inspired rants printed on this page. Most of the rants imply that the president's "socialist" policies are killing jobs.

While I admire the passion of rants, I do take exception with the facts they are based on. Rather than debate these issues back and forth, I'd rather all Americans rally behind this point. Recently, a group of 45 senators (including both Arizona senators) filibustered closing a loophole that would have closed tax breaks for offshoring jobs and created a tax holiday for hiring new U.S. workers. Forrestor Research estimates 3.3 million jobs will be offshored by 2015. This is in addition to the 12 million that have been offshored since 2002.

So, while many TEA Partiers were expressing their outrage at the "socialist" job killing president, perhaps they should look towards the real job killers, the GOP caucus and the handful of Democrats that filibustered to keep you unemployed and angry so they can stay employed.

When you go to the polls this November, remember who voted to create American jobs and who obstructed cutting taxes and keeping jobs in the USA. Despite what some handsomely paid talking head may tell you, it was not our president. It was the same people who are claiming they know how to save America from the president.

Let's cut through the rage and rhetoric and quit treading on ourselves. Let's hold the real job killers accountable.

Josh Miller

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This is why we need to keep J. McCain and the rest of the republicans in office. They no what's best for us!

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