As a resident since 1991 I can tell you, Ahwatukee is at risk of decline. Anyone disagreeing is either in denial or is being dishonest with themselves. The proposal to develop The Lakes golf course is like pounding a nail in that coffin. This project would negatively add to an already difficult commuter traffic situation, impact quality of life, and erode home property values.

I witnessed first hand the demise of the Pepperwood golf community in Tempe. That project created a massive complex so dense you can barely navigate the streets within it. And any home built directly on that course lost its views as well as a significant amounts of value. My mother’s tiny patio backyard once boasted a vista up the length of the course with trees and a small lake. Her view now extends approximately 40 feet across an asphalt roadway that abruptly ends at a soaring wall of two-story condos.

But my concerns are not just for the homeowners directly on The Lakes course. The increase in population and traffic will certainly impact everyone that lives close by. THIS IS ABOUT QUALITY OF LIFE. Losing a large green space as well as a recreational community asset is a huge negative for everyone. I am praying that somehow an alternative solution can be found that benefits all before this area slides further towards a place of increased congestion and diminished desirability.


Scott Strable

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