Recently, the U.S. Senate passed a law on a 93-7 vote that would allow military detention of American citizens suspected of being involved in terrorism.

To the military, every act they don't like is terrorism - like "occupy" protesters asserting their constitutionally guaranteed first amendment rights, like "sanctuary" protesters in the 1980s putting out water for people dying in the desert, even making a speech in support of ending these endless wars.

The law would deny U.S. citizens the right to trial guaranteed to them in the sixth amendment of the Constitution and subject them to indefinite detention - lost in the American gulag for the rest of their lives.

The president can order the military to do this on a whim. A military commander will be making the decision about you staying in jail forever.

The bill revokes the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits the Army from being used internally.

It is a gross violation of our constitutional liberties - if the Constitution means anything anymore.

It is a sickening example of the irresponsibility of both parties in Congress.

And it is terrifying for the future of this country. The horror of Abu Ghraib awaits us here in our own country.

On the one hand, the government tells us al-Qaeda is on the brink of defeat.

On the other, they use fear and threats to take away our constitutional rights.

Dianne Post

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