I “was” a die-hard Republican, now I’m pondering what type of party would best represent my views. I’m also agnostic. I will never be a Democrat, nor a religious Bible thumper. But what I witnessed this week just blew my mind. What is with these people that we elect to represent us? They represent themselves as being common and ordinary citizens when running for office, but once in office it all falls apart. SB 1062! Why, oh why, couldn’t our elected representatives see the problems with this bill? I’m now convinced that we have idiots on both sides of the aisle representing mainstream America.

Are our representatives just ignorant or what? They get elected to office and become braindead. They cater to some misguided lobbying group that will support them with funds in their next endeavor for office. What do they hope to accomplish with such a misguided bill? I’m not defending the gay/lesbian community as this bill is not in itself directed at only them. The bill affects a broad range of issues and our legislators should have recognized this and should have had sufficient legal resources to advise them as to the possible consequences in addition to the legal defense costs, economic effects and the perception of us as a state.

I emailed our district representatives, John McComish, Jeff Dial and Bob Robson who voted in favor of the bill. Only McComish’s office responded thus far. His response was “Thank you for caring enough to contact me about this bill. First of all, let me say that I do not condone discrimination in any form. In my view, SB 1062 merely clarified what is currently in statute. That is why I voted for it. It is obvious that many others disagree with my point of view and are reacting accordingly. The bill has now been transmitted to the Governor. I am confident that she will review all sides and decide what is best for the state of Arizona.”

What a sorry excuse! What is currently in the statute? Leave it up to the Governor? It should never have gone that far! Where is the leadership in this legislature? It appears our utmost state and national problem is finding qualified individuals to represent us as citizens, Republican or Democrat. Unfortunately, this includes not only individuals who locally represent us but those in the highest offices in this country. Or is it that we maybe we have become a “dumbed down” citizenry?

Gerald Tharp

Ahwatukee resident for 20 years

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