Dear Editor: Last January, Donise Dillard found herself holding one small toy. Turning the toy over and over in her hands, she found herself in deep thought, asking herself, "How can I make this one toy make a difference?" Though the answer didn't come immediately, within days Dillard's vision to make a difference started to take shape. With strategically placed phone calls to organizations around the country, including the United States Marine Corp, her desire to help children turned into a room overflowing with literally thousands and thousands of new toys. On Dec. 22 she had a roomful of Santa's helpers who were able to deliver the toys to the organization One Thousand Children in the Phoenix area. With a desire to serve others in a selfless manner, Dillard got several of her friends together and, between them, they devised a community outreach program that welcomed the parents of One Thousand Children to Living By The Word Family Church in Chandler. Starting at 9:30 a.m., and within a two-hour period of time, enough brand new toys were handed out to make Christmas morning special for One Thousand Children. These children received a minimum of three brand new toys (designed specifically for their gender and age group). It was a privilege, and an unexpected opportunity to witness, firsthand, how one woman can make a difference. Local heroes such as Donise Dillard are to be celebrated at every opportunity. Thank you, Donise. Your dream to make a difference has come true. There is a Santa Claus and she lives in Arizona. Cindy Samuelson

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