This year, The Veterans For Peace have been banned from the city of Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. The organization “Honoring Arizona Veterans,” led by Gordon James, decided that members of Veterans For Peace did not serve our country honorably. This was stated at a Phoenix City Council meeting by one of Mr. James’ representatives.

This claim is not only an insult to the veterans, but a down right lie. I, for one, served for 28 years in combat, received five Bronze Stars, one for valor, Army commendations, one for valor among other citations and awards. Everyone I know in the Veterans for Peace served bravely, with distinction and with honor. Just check their Form DD-214. Some even lost eyes, limbs and suffered other wounds while serving this country. Tell me, what does it take to be recognized as “Serving Honorably?”

Because of this lie, I will not be able to participate in the city of Phoenix Veterans Day Parade that is meant to honor us, the veterans. The Veterans For Peace have marched in that parade for the past six years. We were cheered and saluted all along the parade route. I think that Mr. James and his group are dishonoring our veterans and the city of Phoenix is complacent with Mr. James keeping the Veterans For Peace out of the parade. These veterans gave themselves unselfishly and honorably to the service of their country. They should be able to march in the parade to give respect and reverence to those who gave their ultimate sacrifice for this country as we have in the past.

John Henry

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