Tom and Caren Teves, parents of Alex Teves who was killed during the Aurora, Colo. shooting, spoke during a press conference outside Senator Jeff Flake's office in Phoenix Friday, April 4. The Teves family encouraged Senator Flake to vote for stronger gun control.

Allison Hurtado

I’m tired of reading Bill Richardson’s articles where he rallies against any sort of regulation over guns (Latest, “Gun-free zone is truly fatal conceit,” AFN, Dec. 11). His entire argument is to make good the enemy of perfect. He continually gives statistics about how individuals who want to do bad things will do bad things. I agree.

What he doesn’t ever mention is the sheer volume of deaths by direct cause of guns and the simple desire to reduce that number. has a nice interactive webpage that illustrates the capacity of gun violence in our society. What if we were to regulate guns in such a way as to reduce that number? Would that be of interest to Bill Richardson?

A parallel example might be seat belts. Seat belts greatly reduced the number deaths in car accidents every year once they were installed. Car deaths still happen, but at a much reduced rate thanks to the regulation of seat belts.

Why is there so much vitriol against regulation to reduce gun deaths? No, evil government is taking away your guns. The government (read: you and me, Bill) just wants less death. Is that really so bad?

Brian Beck

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