Dear Editor:

My apology to our controversial, yet unpopular, president. For more than two years I have criticized the president's intelligence and joked about his comment that "I have been to all 57 states..." and his remark that he practices his "Muslim religion" only to be quickly coached by Stefi Stephanopoulos to revise his words to "my Christian religion." But now I have been corrected by radio talk show host Doug Urbanski in that the president was actually referring to the 57 Islamic states. Sorry about that, Mr. President.

Also, I apologize for my acerbic and regretful criticism of the U.S. Army that I have loved and respected since that July day when at the age of 17, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, at Trophy Point, at West Point.

Now, the politically correct Army final investigative report on the Fort Hood Islamic terrorist murders fails to mention Islam, terrorism, jihad or radical imams.

Ominously this portends that the U.S. government will continue to allow Moslems to serve in our armed services. Yet these Moslems will take a solemn oath to defend our Constitution and country until some insipid imam says it conflicts with their Moslem faith and Islamic law.

The toll to be paid by us will be beyond measure. Sen. Jon Kyl said it best on KFYI, "We must hold the military and civilian leadership responsible."

Alan Tindale

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