Marc Thornton, of the Ahwatukee Village Planning Committee, speaks during the PlanPHX meeting at Pecos Community Center on Thursday, Oct. 11.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

I really can’t believe the article, dated Friday, Aug. 9, on your front page, “Ahwatukee Village Planning Committee asks for correction from ADOT.”

According to your article, our Ahwatukee Village Planning Committee failed to respond properly to ADOT’s (Arizona Department of Transportation) deadlines for SMCAT (South Mountain Citizen’s Advisory Team) comments, etc. Is this really possible, after 12 years of “comment” or “study?” Please tell me it is not! The entire process has been such a sham.

I know and respect many who have served on this committee over many years, attending meetings here, there, and everywhere. For years!

It’s impossible for me to believe our community representatives missed an official deadline to state a position. I’m equally shocked AND DISAPPOINTED that our own Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce has failed to speak loudly, perhaps, about the negative impact this freeway will have on our unique community.

Unless you own a truck stop, or commute daily to your executive level job at Disneyland, I doubt very much that you or our community will benefit.

This has dragged on for 30 years! Others speak loudly and definitively about the pros and cons, but when our own “planning committee” remains silent, I suppose now I know why this freeway seems imminent.

Mark D. Wilson

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