Dear Editor: Ryan Casey's Nov. 7 piece on the remarkable recovery of George Esahak-Gage is a testimony to the resilient human spirit. I applaud his tenacity. What impresses me even more is George's refusal to ride a bike on busy Arizona roads due to a justified fear of bad drivers. Would that more cyclists follow his lead. Arizona motorists are made-up of way too many drunks, dopers, sleepers, the unlicensed (including illegals that cannot read traffic control signs), the uninsured and a hodgepodge of careless and inattentive persons. Unfortunately, that situation is not likely to change. People here are hell bent on going nowhere fast, and the speed differential between motor vehicles and bicycles is not conducive to safe streets. Boulder, Colo., the Esahak-Gage's summer digs, known for its tree-huggers and other greens who resist the faster pace of life in the 21st century, may well be a Shangri-la for cyclists. But as the old adage goes about doing what the Romans do when in Rome, like it or not ... this is Rome! Defensive driving and pedaling is Survival 101. Bob McCarthy Retired DPS

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