As I was driving out of the Safeway parking lot I noticed a movement in the seat beside me, I glanced over and it was a lizard, which scared me to death. I turned right on 48th Street and headed for home.

I turned right on Pawnee, my heart skipping beats, afraid he would get on me. I was driving fast and went to turn left on Iroquois to hurry home and get out of my car and away from that “THING.” As I went to turn left I didn’t notice a car coming out of Iroquois on my left and I nearly sideswiped them I was in such a hurry I was in a panic. I quickly got home and jumped out of the car and got a broom to get it out of my car.

I hope I didn’t scare the people to death that I almost hit, but if that lizard had gotten on me I would have passed out. Where did it come from? I do not know, but I do know where it ended.

I was raised up in West Virginia where we have all kinds of creepy reptiles and I stay away from anything creepy crawly.

Jann Marshall

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